Essential Documents Every Estate Plan Should Have

Are you thinking it may be time to plan your estate allocations? Some people make the mistake of thinking they need to set up a will and then their affairs are in order. But this is just not the case. The best approach is to create a comprehensive strategy so that all of your plans are completed and then you won't have to worry about if things are taken care of.

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Experience Makes For The Best Planning

At Braverman Law Group, LLC, our estate planning lawyers have over 15 years of experience assisting people in making important future plans. Our Colorado law firm is different from other firms. We take the time to explain all of your options so you will have the confidence to move forward in making your estate plans.

What Should An Estate Plan Include?

Every estate plan should include at least four things:

  1. Living will or health care directive — No one will argue that it's difficult to think of getting older and needing someone else to make health decisions for them, but the worst thing to do would be to wait until you can't make those decisions for yourself. By planning for this eventuality now, you can have a say in what will happen to you and what your wishes are about life-saving measures and life support methods.
  2. Financial power of attorney (POA) — This important designation should never be overlooked. The person assigned to be your power of attorney can assist you with handling your financial decisions such as paying bills when you are no longer able. Choosing someone who is trustworthy and makes sound decisions is imperative.
  3. Revocable trust — This document is also sometimes called a living trust. This is a trust that you can change while you are still living. This document accounts for how you want your property to be distributed upon your death.
  4. Will — Your will ensures that your final wishes are documented legally and in writing. It is also where you designate who the executor will be. A will accounts for what will happen to your belongings, including assets and any property to be disbursed. You can also designate who will become the guardian for your children if something happens to you.

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