Experienced Trust Attorneys Customizing Plans To Meet Your Goals

Our experienced trust lawyers will take the time you need to work through a customized estate plans. Bennett and Diedre each have over 15 years of estate planning experience ready to assist you. They will take the time necessary with you so that you understand your options and can come up with a plan to meet your goals. Informed decisions create peace of mind.

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Working On A Variety Of Trusts To Meet Your Needs

The trust attorneys of Braverman Law Group, LLC, work on many types of trusts, including:

Living trusts — We work with clients who want to set up revocable and irrevocable trusts for protecting their assets from taxes, so more money and property will pass on to their heirs and beneficiaries.

Special needs trusts — The special needs trust is essential for guaranteeing the care and monetary needs of your loved one will be accounted for. Attorney Diedre Braverman is a premier Colorado special needs attorney. She can work with you to make sure all avenues are considered and accounted for.

Pet trusts — Making a plan for your pet is not only sensible, it is also humane. Too many pets end up homeless or euthanized because their owner died suddenly or became otherwise incapacitated and had not made important, legal arrangements for their pet. Don't let that happen to you.

Gun trusts — This planning can ensure that your valuable gun collection will be passed along to your heirs. This type of trust can also be set up so that generations of your family can enjoy owning your guns for years to come.

We also assist clients with creating estate plans to maximize benefits for their survivors and lessen tax burdens paid out by the estate. We can also help you plan for the care of your pets.

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The revocable trust attorneys at Braverman Law Group, LLC, can work with you in making sure that all assets and property are accounted for in your Colorado trust. Call us at 720-523-1586, or send us an email to make your appointment for a free consultation.