Benefits of a Colorado Estate Planning Attorney

Estate planning is a serious and complex area of the law, and hiring a Colorado estate planning attorney is essential to creating binding and legally sound documents. One misstep in drafting or executing these documents can completely change the intent of a will or trust. Colorado state laws are complex and require a thorough understanding of procedural and statutory laws. Further, while the Constitution explains that states should recognize legal documents, some states do not honor documents drafted in accordance with other states’ laws. An attorney can help individuals ensure that their documents meet the applicable state laws.

Generally, Colorado estate plans involve four primary documents, the will, power of attorney, health care directives, and a living trust. These documents affect various aspects of a person’s wishes, and individuals should review their circumstances and create these documents regardless of economic standing.

One of the most demanding parts of Colorado estate planning is gathering all vital documents. This includes vehicle titles, property records, insurance provider contact information, and original documents and certificates. An attorney can help parse out these documents, determine which documents are necessary, and provide guidance on retrieving missing documents. Further, estate planning lawyers can complete and execute a person’s last will and testament and living trust.

Estate planning law has many nuances that drafters must abide by to ensure that their intent is met. A poorly drafted document can lead to confusion and a failure to understand the writer’s wishes. This can result in burdensome challenges to the drafter’s beneficiaries. This is especially relevant when the drafter fails to update beneficiary designations following estate planning laws.

As such, it is important that individuals work with a qualified Colorado estate planning attorney to create an indisputable plan. Similarly, those who have previously drafted documents should consult with an attorney to update their plan to reflect their current wishes. Retaining an attorney will allow a person’s beneficiaries to save money and time.

Further, an attorney can help work through complex situations. Complex situations may involve individuals who have had more than one marriage or divorce. Moreover, those who currently own or who have previously owned a business should consult with an attorney. An attorney can also assist those who support family members with disabilities, minor children, or children with addiction and mental health issues.

Contacting a Colorado Estate Planning Attorney

The Boulder estate planning attorneys at the Braverman Law Group have years of experience creating binding and effective estate planning documents on behalf of a diverse range of clients. Our attorneys provide clients with individualized and strategic counseling to determine their estate planning goals. In addition to estate planning, our attorneys handle special needs trusts, trust administration, asset protection, gun trusts, and probate proceedings. The Braverman Law Group believes that individuals should make informed choices to address their family’s unique needs. Our attorneys provide free consultations and estate plan reviews. Contact our office at 303-800-1588 to schedule a free initial consultation with an attorney on our Colorado estate planning team today.


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