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The administration of a trust that has become irrevocable, usually due to the death of its creator.

Choosing a trustee to manage a Colorado trust after someone has died may seem like a simple decision; however, much thought should be put into it. From keeping a detailed record of trust account activity to reporting the income tax liability of the trust, performing the duties associated with being a trustee can often be both overwhelming and immensely important. While the first instinct might be to pick a friend or family member to serve as trustee for the estate, there are compelling reasons why a professional trustee should be chosen instead.

Managing an estate can often be very technical and time-consuming. Because of this, there are factors to take into account when selecting a trustee:


It may seem logical that having a family member serve as a trustee would be cheaper than hiring a professional; however, this is not often the case. Individual trustees, unlike fiduciary institutions, must hire other professionals like attorneys and CPAs to help them perform estate-related duties. These costs are often unexpected and not included when calculating the overall cost of a trustee. On the other hand, corporate trustees often provide these services in house and are bundled into a comprehensive fee.
Additionally, inexperienced trustees will often forget that the residence of a trustee determines the income taxation of a trust and its relevant state law. On the other hand, professional trustees may also have an office in a state that will avoid state income tax on the estate.

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