Should “Swedish Death Cleaning” be a Part of Your Estate Plan?

All cultures worldwide have different rituals and traditions pertaining to the end of one’s life. As the radius of influence between cultures is shortened by technology and migration, some of the death traditions of all cultures become available for discovery and possible adoption. The Swedish practice of döstädning, or “death cleaning,” could help American and Colorado families to ease the burden on loved ones when someone passes away.

Death cleaning, while it may have a morbid-sounding name, is truly a service that is done by someone approaching the end of their life to help ease their heir’s difficulties in managing the estate. Swedish author Margareta Magnusson, author of the popular book, “The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning: How to Make Your Loved Ones’ Lives Easier and Your Own Life More Pleasant,” explained that the practice stems from the Scandinavian values of simplicity and minimalism. Death cleaning involves going through one’s personal effects and belongings and handling their disbursement or disposal before one’s death.

Death cleaning can benefit both the aging person as well as their heirs and beneficiaries. The work of managing a deceased loved one’s estate can be physically and emotionally taxing. Grieving family members are often forced, while under emotional distress, to decide what items are important and what can be disposed of or donated. Through the practice of death cleaning, an aging person can make some of these decisions themselves, helping their heirs make remaining decisions after their death. Studies have shown that minimalist practices, including death cleaning, can also have a positive effect on the mental health of the person going through their belongings. The act of organizing and cleaning in anticipation of death can be both sentimental and cathartic, possibly improving the cleaner’s quality of life for the last few years and months.

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Death cleaning may be a part of a larger end-of-life plan that ensures the heirs and beneficiaries of an estate are not saddled with overwhelming burdens or ambiguous directives. In addition to death planning, aging Coloradans should consider preparing a comprehensive end-of-life plan to manage their final arrangements and estate. The Colorado estate planning attorneys with the Braverman Law Group are experienced in all end-of-life preparations. We regularly assist clients in the preparation of last wills and testaments and medical care directives. We understand trust creation and management, life insurance, document preparation, and powers of attorney. With our assistance, you can be sure that your final wishes are honored, and that there are no loose ends dangling from your estate. If you or a loved one is seeking an estate planning attorney, the Braverman Law Group is here to help. To schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our trusted attorneys, give us a call today at (303) 800-1588


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