What are Some Common Long Term Housing Options for Colorado Seniors?

When adults think about the future, it can be difficult to envision where they will be living. For some, they assume they will be staying with a loved one, whereas others save so they can reside in an assisted living facility. There are many long-term care options for seniors as they age—but it may be difficult to discern the differences between these options. Below are explanations for some of the most common long-term care options that can help a person to determine the best choice for them depending on their needs.

Home Care

Home-based care allows individuals to stay at their home—or that of a loved one—and live as independently as possible. Home-based care primarily involves personal care, such as help taking medication, bathing, and daily activities. For the most part, family members, spouses, friends, and neighbors provide this care.

However, these services can also be provided by paid caregivers like healthcare professionals on a part-time basis. The primary goal of home-based care is to ensure people can remain safe, while still giving them the independence of living in a familiar environment. When it no longer is safe for someone to remain at home, seniors will often explore other long-term care options.

Assisted Living

Assisted living is a housing facility for individuals who no longer wish to live on their own but do not require around-the-clock medical care. For the most part, people in assisted living facilities are healthy and only require minor medical assistance and supervision. However, assisted living facilities will have health care and personal services—such as bathing or chronic illness treatment—available for those residents who need it.

Additionally, seniors in these facilities often have more independent living areas, such as separate apartments with shared kitchens and living rooms. Assisted living facilities are well known for their recreational activities, so seniors can interact and be part of a social community.

Nursing Home

For those seniors who require more intense medical care—especially if they have a severe health issue—a nursing home might be the right option. Staff in nursing homes provide constant care for their residents and have greater access to rehabilitative and healthcare services. Nursing home residents often need more intensive supervision and healthcare treatment, including physical therapy, using the restroom, and dressing. Because of the extensive care required, the average cost of staying at a nursing home is approximately twice that of an assisted living facility. While many nursing homes have common spaces for residents to interact, there is less of a focus on recreational activities and the sense of community.

Because the best long-term care solution depends on an individual’s particular circumstances—including their health, savings, and age—individuals thinking ahead for their long-term care should contact an experienced estate planning attorney in their area.

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