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Client Testimonials

When my husband died, I felt I needed to honor him for his children and friends. Working through the plans was healthy because I've been a planner professionally. My daughter is not a planner and I know she would not find those endless tasks therapeutic like I did. So I've created a very specific estate plan with Diedre Braverman's counsel, detailed guidance, and support. Now I feel relief knowing that my death will not derail my daughter's life.

- Barbara Joan Martin

I Really Appreciate Your Calming Nature

You are incredibly helpful and kind. After speaking with me it was the first time in a long while where I was able to sleep through the night because of your reassurance.

- Trudy Moore

I Trust Bennett and Feel His Depth of Knowledge

The time and energy Bennett spent briefing the beneficiaries of our plan – helping them to know what to expect and what their duties and responsibilities would be – was invaluable. I trust Bennett and feel his depth of knowledge will allow him to serve a wide range of client needs. The ramifications of each decision were fully explained and his adaptation to our family’s needs was exceptional.

- Anonymous

No One Had Explained to Us Before

Diedre took the time to go beyond our initial assumptions and explained how we can benefit from strategies no one had explained to us before.

- Kathy

Bennett Braverman is a Thorough, Knowledgeable Expert in His Field

Bennett Braverman is a thorough, knowledgeable expert in his field. He did an excellent job in walking us through the Living Trust process, coaching us through decisions, and making sure we completely understood the what we had to do and the associated benefits and risks. We will continue to recommend him to our friends and look forward to partnering with Bennett in the future.

- Lisa

Her Work Product is Outstanding in Every way

Diedre created a will, living trust, and special needs trust for us. She was very responsive and clear in her answers whenever we had questions. On issues, she provided excellent counsel. Her work product is outstanding in every way including its presentation, organization, completeness, and efficacy. We wholeheartedly recommend her.


He Will Part of Our Family for a Long, Long Time

We have retained Mr. Braverman for our Trust and Estate needs, and he has far exceeded our expectations. Not only does he have very clearly adept expertise, but he has been patient, kind and has made what had initially seemed very daunting, now very accessible. He will part of our family for a long, long time.

- Erich

Bennett Braverman Takes Time to Listen to What You Have to Say

Bennett Braverman takes time to listen to what you have to say. He thinks before he addresses your questions. He gives you his complete attention and never rushes. His practice is the epitome of trust and competence. Period.

- Valerie Webster

They Have Done an Excellent Job

Bennett and his associates have helped us with our estate planning. They have done an excellent job, especially in responding when we needed to make changes. They were also helpful when we needed a reference to other outside expertise. We have been with Bennett and his practice for some time and plan to keep the relationship.

- Clarence B.

She Exceeded Our Timing Expectations

We needed healthcare and financial planning documents in a hurry due to a medical situation. Not only did Diedre handle our situation with sensitivity and care, she exceeded our timing expectations. We have already recommended her to friends.

- James

We Considered Several Other Attorneys but We Chose Bennett

We considered several other attorneys but we chose Bennett because a friend gave us a great referral and said she highly recommended Bennett. We now understand why.

Bennett was very thorough & easy to understand. He explained Wills vs. Living Revocable Trust, etc. and made it simple & easy to follow and make decisions. (I like the pictures he drew to make it easier to understand).

The entire process worked perfectly for us. It's fairly quick and painless and the one, all-inclusive price is simpler than an hourly price (even though it may have been more) - I feel like it was worth it.

We trust Bennett and feel confident that he knows the law inside & out and knows what he is doing. We enjoyed working with Bennett and highly recommend him to others.

- Anonymous

You Will Find That Bennett is Sincere in Wanting to Work in His Client's Best Interest

You will find that Bennett is sincere in wanting to work in his client’s best interest and he will work untiringly to meet his client’s expectations.

In our case, the time spent educating us rather than delivering a rote presentation of this is the way it is going to be was much appreciated. The time and energy Bennett spent briefing the beneficiaries of our plan – helping them to know what to expect and what their duties and responsibilities would be – was invaluable. I trust Bennett and feel his depth of knowledge will allow him to serve a wide range of client needs. The ramifications of each decision were fully explained and his adaptation to our family’s needs was exceptional.

- Anonymous

Thank You for Your Professionalism

We spoke a couple of months ago when I referred you a client that I had been working with. My friend just called me last week to let me know that his Mom ended up working with you as you made such an impression on them. It really made me feel great to get that call and know that you have taken care of some wonderful people.

I will be in Boulder next week and if you have time I would very much like to meet you in person. Thank you for your professionalism, caring and expertise.

- Anonymous

The Plan Bennett Designed Met My Expectations Very Well. I Feel Secure

The plan Bennett designed met my expectations very well. I feel secure. One of the most valuable things for me, working with Bennett, is his handling of a lot of difficult issues, estate planning, death issues etc. But once it's all completed you have the feeling that you have an advocate.

Bennett has a good sense of humor and he made the copious amounts of information understandable. I trust Bennett and I thought he was very thorough and respectful of the complexities of our particular family situation!

When you work with Bennett, it will be a positive experience...

- Anonymous

Bennett Has Such a Pleasant, Warm, Eager to Please Personality, and is Sincerely One of the Nicest People I’ve Met

Bennett has such a pleasant, warm, eager to please personality, and is sincerely one of the nicest people I’ve met. He’s intelligent and seems to know his business. I consider him a friend now.

I felt very confident that I made the right selection in choosing Bennett. He’s very knowledgeable and he takes the time to discuss and describe items in the plan which was very helpful.

Bennett is so considerate and really gave me the feeling that he wanted to do what was best for my estate situation. He tries very hard to help one through the legal process of estate planning.

I trust Bennett and would more than willingly refer him to anyone I know who might need his services.

- Anonymous

In Looking Back, We Have No Idea Why It Took Us Three Years to Ask Bennett to Work with Us

Please allow this to serve as our unqualified recommendation on behalf of Bennett Braverman.

When our financial advisor moved out of the country and left us high and dry we weren't sure what we were going to do. We attended a seminar back in the fall of 2004 hosted by a Boulder based financial advisor and Bennett Braverman. We are ecstatic with the job our financial advisor has done for us. We were losing a lot of money and now all of our accounts are making money and are protected.

At the time of the seminar we had our estate planning in place. Or at least we thought we did. We had worked with a local attorney back in the late 80s and pretty much figured we were taken care of. Boy were we mistaken.

We finally decided to start working with Bennett in the fall of 2007, three years after we first met him! After many, many conversations with our financial advisor, we were just starting to feel like maybe the estate plan we had was not the best plan we "could" have. While our planning needs are not terribly complicated, there are some very specific things we need to make sure will happen and happen the exact way we want.

Bennett has done an absolutely wonderful job for us. He takes the time to listen to us, asks all the important questions and unlike our previous attorney, we have no question in our minds that Bennett always wants what's best for us. No question whatsoever. And this past spring when we welcomed a new granddaughter into our lives, we called Bennett and sat down with him to make a few changes and updates to our plan.

In looking back, we have no idea why it took us three years to ask Bennett to work with us. But, now that we have the estate plan we have, we know it's one of the best decisions we've ever made.

- Anonymous

Work with Him...You'll See Exactly What I'm Talking About!

I have worked with Bennett both as a trusted colleague and as a client. We have presented joint educational sessions for prospective insurance and retirement planning and estate planning clients and Bennett has recently completed our estate plan. Needless to say, we are very, very pleased.

It won't take you long to realize that not only is Bennett extremely knowledgeable but he genuinely cares for his clients more than anyone I have ever known. He is the consummate professional, cares genuinely for everyone he works with and I give Bennett my highest personal and professional recommendation.

Work with'll see exactly what I'm talking about!

Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can provide additional information.

- Anonymous

Thank You for Taking Care of My Parents and Their Financial Planning

I wanted to write and thank you for taking care of my parents and their financial planning. My mother and father are an excellent judge of character and for you to win their services is a testament to your upstanding professional and personal demeanor. Once again, thank you.

- Anonymous

You Were Incredible

Dear Bennett and Nancy: You were incredible. I am proud of our association with you. Our clients are lucky to have the wisdom, care and incredibly healthy outlook that you exemplified today. Thank you so much for visiting us and sharing with our clients. Create a beautiful day, my friends!

- Anonymous

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