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Estate Planning

The best time to make plans for what will happen to your estate is before you need them. Bennett and Diedre Braverman are experienced local attorneys who assist people in Colorado with making these important plans.

Call us in Boulder Valley for your free consultation at (303) 800-1588.

A Commitment to Positive Estate Planning

At Braverman Law Group, LLC, we believe that estate planning is a journey of discovery and affirmation. It's an opportunity to reflect upon what you value most, to understand your aspirations, and to ensure that your legacy resonates with your vision for the future.

We commit to making this experience not just informative but also deeply positive. Through our holistic approach, which combines our team's dedication, continuous education, and your unique insights, we create plans that ensure you and your loved ones are protected, no matter what life brings.

Guided by our mission to forge enduring relationships, our focus is not just on the legal intricacies but on the personal stories and values that drive each decision. It's this blend of expertise and empathy that promises peace of mind, security, and a legacy that truly reflects who you are.

Join us on this fulfilling journey as we work together to shape a future that embodies your dreams and aspirations.

Our Planning Process

At Braverman Law Group, LLC, we understand that every client's journey and circumstances are unique.

Whether you prefer to meet us in the heart of downtown Boulder, join us virtually via Zoom, or wish for a combination of both, we ensure a flexible and accommodating estate planning experience.

  1. Free Consultation: Your journey begins with a complimentary consultation. During this session, you get to meet and familiarize yourself with the attorney and our firm. It's a chance for us to understand your needs and lay down a foundational structure for your estate plan. By the end of this initial discussion, we aim to give you a clear visualization of how your plan will unfold and quote a transparent, flat fee for our services.
  2. Design Meeting: This is where creativity merges with legal expertise. Collaborating closely with the same BLG attorney you met during the consultation, we'll delve into the intricate details of your plan. It's during this phase that your estate plan truly comes to life, reflecting your specific objectives on personal, legal, and tax fronts.
  3. New Document Review: It's essential that every document aligns with your vision and needs. Your dedicated attorney will walk you through each document, page by page, tailoring the discussion to your comfort level. This stage often sparks further refinements, ensuring that the plan precisely mirrors your expectations.
  4. Signing Meeting: Once all modifications are integrated, it's time to make it official. During the signing meeting, we ensure that every document is accurately notarized, and a scanned set is safely stored in our system. Should you wish, we can provide you with these digitized records, ensuring you have an additional safeguard against any unforeseen circumstances.
  5. Funding Meeting: Upon concluding the signing process, we present you with a binder containing all your original, signed, and notarized documents. Our attorney will meticulously review each of your assets with you, guiding you on seamlessly integrating them into your trust. This pivotal step ensures your assets bypass any probate or conservatorship hurdles in the event of death or incapacitation.
  6. Follow-up: Life is an ever-evolving journey. We recommend reconnecting every three to five years to assess any shifts in your personal circumstances, family dynamics, aspirations, or assets. This catch-up session is on us. Should we identify areas of enhancement for your plan, we will offer a flat fee structure once we've determined the necessary adjustments.
  7. Resource Calls: Think of us as your extended family. Whether you seek an estate planning attorney for parents in a different state or need guidance on an intricate real estate venture locally, don't hesitate to reach out. While your request might not fall within our expertise, our local and national networks and knowledge can often steer you to the right professionals.

Our mission is to offer an estate planning journey that is not just effective but also enriching. With Braverman Law Group, LLC, you are not just planning for the future; you are building a legacy.

Popular Estate Planning Techniques

Revocable Living Trusts: For many clients, a revocable living trust is a pivotal component of their estate planning. These trusts allow for the seamless transfer of assets without the need for probate. They offer flexibility-you can make changes or even revoke the trust entirely during your lifetime. Additionally, they provide enhanced privacy and can be structured to manage assets during periods of incapacity. Braverman Law Group's expertise in establishing and advising on revocable living trusts ensures your assets are managed and distributed precisely as you envision.

Trust Funding: A trust is only as effective as its funding. Recognizing the importance of this too-often missed step, we hold Asset Funding Meetings with all our trust clients. During these meetings, we ensure that assets are properly titled to the trust, ensuring they bypass the probate process. This hands-on approach guarantees the full efficacy of your trust and peace of mind in knowing your estate plan is fully operational.

Wills: The foundation of any estate plan, a well-drafted will clarifies your intentions for the distribution of assets, the guardianship of minor children, and can even provide directions for your personal effects. Our expert attorneys craft comprehensive wills tailored to your specific needs and wishes, ensuring clarity and minimizing potential disputes among beneficiaries.

Financial Powers of Attorney: Life can be unpredictable. A financial power of attorney is a legal document that allows you to designate someone to manage your finances and property if you become incapacitated and can't manage them yourself. This document can be tailored to grant as few or as many powers as you wish, ensuring your financial matters are handled precisely as you'd want them to be.

Healthcare Powers of Attorney: Your health and medical care decisions are deeply personal. A healthcare power of attorney allows you to designate a trusted individual to make medical decisions on your behalf should you be unable to. It provides guidance on your medical wishes, ensuring they're respected even if you can't communicate them directly.

HIPAA Releases: Confidentiality is paramount in healthcare. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) ensures your medical records are private. However, there may be times when you want certain individuals, like family members or other representatives, to have access to this information. A HIPAA release grants them this access, ensuring that they can make informed decisions on your behalf or simply be kept in the loop regarding your health.

At the heart of our practice is a deep understanding of the importance of personal and family values. We pride ourselves on not just being attorneys, but trusted advisers who understand the nuances of your unique situation.

Whether you're looking to establish a simple will, create a comprehensive trust structure, or make provisions for potential incapacitation, we're committed to delivering solutions that resonate with your goals.

Our dedication to our clients goes beyond drafting documents. It's about building relationships, understanding ambitions, and turning those into actionable and secure plans. We leverage our deep experience, continuous learning, and a team-focused approach to provide tailored strategies that stand the test of time.

When you engage with Braverman Law Group, LLC for your estate planning needs, you're not just getting legal assistance-you're gaining partners who are as invested in your legacy as you are.

Customized Plans From Experienced Local Advisers

At Braverman Law Group, LLC, we customize wills and other essential estate planning documents based on your family's needs. Not every law firm will do this. But we will. We know that your family and legacy shouldn't be put into a template. Every family is unique and your estate planning documents should reflect this.

Comprehensive Estate Planning Advice

We can assist you with all of your estate planning needs, including:

  • Trusts — to ensure your assets are protected from unnecessary taxation
  • Wills and powers of attorney — so your final wishes are known and people are designated to handle your affairs
  • Guardianship planning — to assign who will raise and care for your minor children if something happens to you
  • Firearms trust — for your Title II weapons so they can be passed along to your heirs
  • Pet trusts — to make sure your beloved pet is cared for if something happens to you
  • Probate and taxes — avoiding probate and reducing taxation on your estate
Schedule Your Free Consultation Today

Braverman Law Group, LLC, offer a free consultation to discuss your estate planning needs. Call us at (303) 800-1588 to make your appointment with one of our premier planning lawyers. Learn more about the estate planning process. You can also email our firm to schedule your appointment. We look forward to discussing your needs and explaining how our customized solutions can give you peace of mind.

Client Reviews
When my husband died, I felt I needed to honor him for his children and friends. Working through the plans was healthy because I've been a planner professionally. My daughter is not a planner and I know she would not find those endless tasks therapeutic like I did. So I've created a very specific estate plan with Diedre Braverman's counsel, detailed guidance, and support. Now I feel relief knowing that my death will not derail my daughter's life. Barbara Joan Martin
I really appreciate your calming nature. You are incredibly helpful and kind. After speaking with me it was the first time in a long while where I was able to sleep through the night because of your reassurance. Trudy Moore
I trust Bennett and feel his depth of knowledge. The time and energy Bennett spent briefing the beneficiaries of our plan – helping them to know what to expect and what their duties and responsibilities would be – was invaluable. I trust Bennett and feel his depth of knowledge will allow him to serve a wide range of client needs. The ramifications of each decision were fully explained and his adaptation to our family’s needs was exceptional. Anonymous
Diedre took the time to go beyond our initial assumptions and explained how we can benefit from strategies no one had explained to us before. Kathy
Bennett Braverman is a thorough, knowledgeable expert in his field. He did an excellent job in walking us through the Living Trust process, coaching us through decisions, and making sure we completely understood the what we had to do and the associated benefits and risks. We will continue to recommend him to our friends and look forward to partnering with Bennett in the future. Lisa
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