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Gun Trusts - Firearms Inheritance

Gun owners are especially proud of collections they've worked hard to build over the years. And you should be. But what will happen to that impressive collection once you're gone? Make sure your estate plan accounts for the Title II weapons portion of your estate. We can help you create a plan for your firearms inheritance that works for you.

Call our gun trust lawyers in Boulder Valley for a free consultation at (303) 800-1588.

Experience to Get it Right

You wouldn't trust your guns to just anyone, so why should you trust just anyone to create your gun trust? The skilled attorneys at Braverman Law Group, LLC, have assisted clients in setting up trusts for over 15 years.

The allocation of firearms in Colorado has specific rules to follow because of the obvious nature of this asset. We can help ensure your firearms are set up properly in a trust, so your heirs will be able to enjoy them without transference problems down the road.

What are Title II Weapons?

Title II weapons include many kinds of unique NFA firearms such as:

  • Guns with silencers
  • Machine guns
  • Shot guns
  • Short-barreled rifles
Schedule Your Free Gun Trust Consultation

Call the premier estate planning firm of Braverman Law Group, LLC. We will work with you to ensure your gun trust is set up right and comprehensive to account for all of your guns, so your family can enjoy them for years to come. Call us at (303) 800-1588 or contact us online to make your appointment.

Client Reviews
When my husband died, I felt I needed to honor him for his children and friends. Working through the plans was healthy because I've been a planner professionally. My daughter is not a planner and I know she would not find those endless tasks therapeutic like I did. So I've created a very specific estate plan with Diedre Braverman's counsel, detailed guidance, and support. Now I feel relief knowing that my death will not derail my daughter's life. Barbara Joan Martin
I really appreciate your calming nature. You are incredibly helpful and kind. After speaking with me it was the first time in a long while where I was able to sleep through the night because of your reassurance. Trudy Moore
I trust Bennett and feel his depth of knowledge. The time and energy Bennett spent briefing the beneficiaries of our plan – helping them to know what to expect and what their duties and responsibilities would be – was invaluable. I trust Bennett and feel his depth of knowledge will allow him to serve a wide range of client needs. The ramifications of each decision were fully explained and his adaptation to our family’s needs was exceptional. Anonymous
Diedre took the time to go beyond our initial assumptions and explained how we can benefit from strategies no one had explained to us before. Kathy
Bennett Braverman is a thorough, knowledgeable expert in his field. He did an excellent job in walking us through the Living Trust process, coaching us through decisions, and making sure we completely understood the what we had to do and the associated benefits and risks. We will continue to recommend him to our friends and look forward to partnering with Bennett in the future. Lisa
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