What Will Happen To Your Pet If You're Gone?

The family pet is often overlooked in estate planning. Your dog, cat, bird or other pet has been a member of your family probably for many years. You have created fond memories and a bond with the animal. What would happen to your pet if something happened to you?

Fortunately, there are pet trusts in Colorado. This way you can make sure your beloved pet will have a home if you die or become disabled.

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Experienced Pet Trust Representation

Bennett and Diedre Wachbrit Braverman are a local husband and wife team of attorneys who assist people in the Boulder Valley with their legal needs in estate planning. They also have a dog. They understand how an animal becomes part of the family and should not be overlooked when making important future plans.

What Is Included In A Pet Trust?

Pet trusts are a unique type of estate planning tool and must be worded carefully. The law thinks of pets as personal property. This make it all the more important to establish a pet trust so that your animal will be treated differently than the property of your estate.

Our attorneys can help you with documenting your wishes and the proper wording to make the plans enforceable. A pet trust should have several items, including:

  • Caretaker — Assign a caretaker to take responsibility for your pet.
  • Trustee — Name a trustee who can make sure the money you set aside for your pet will be used for the care of your pet.
  • Legal documentsA trust is an enforceable legal document establishing your specific plans and wishes.

Make Plans To Plan For Your Pet's Future

Speak with the pet trust lawyers of Braverman Law Group, LLC, at 720-523-1586 to discuss plans for your pet. We have a pet-friendly office, so you can feel free to bring your pet to your appointment. In fact, we bring our dog Toby to work with us. Don't wait to make plans until it's too late to have a say in what happens to this important part of your family. Call today or email our firm to make your appointment. Don't wait until you need a plan to make a plan.