Colorado Legislature Passes Human Composting Bill

Estate plans allow individuals to contemplate their final wishes regarding their healthcare, finances, and disposition of their remains. A Colorado estate planning attorney can assist individuals in determining the best way to document their final wishes to ensure that their family correctly effectuates their desires. Although last will and testament documents may include funeral and burial wishes, these documents may not be discovered until it is too late. In an effort to avoid this situation, individuals should include their wishes in more than one place. In addition to a last will and testament, funeral and disposition arrangements may be included in a revocable trust or additional document. The importance of clear and binding instructions is vital given Colorado’s new human composting bill.

The new bill may create a feeling of discomfort for some families; however, individuals maintain the right to reasonably dispose of their bodies in a manner that they wish. In most states, individuals are given three options for the disposition of their bodies after they pass: burial, cremation, or donation. Although these options often align with religious, traditional, and cultural beliefs, they pose their own challenges and limitations. In response to these limited options, many people have begun touting Colorado’s green burial movement as an economical and environmentally friendly option.

Human composting, sometimes known as Natural Organic Reduction (NOR), works in the same way as any other form of composting. It is the process of breaking down human remains into the earth to be reused. The body is placed inside a large cylinder vessel with bacteria and wood chips that allows the body to break down naturally. The resulting soil may be used for forestry, land conservation, and agriculture. Although it is similar to cremation in that it saves space, money and allows the loved one to be spread in a cherished location, it provides a biological value that cremation does not.

Coloradans now have more options that may align with their morals and values while positively impacting the environment. It remains to be seen how the public will receive these changes; however, it presents a long-awaited option for many people in Colorado. Any end-of-life decisions may bring discomfort and reluctance from family members, and novel ideas may enhance those feelings. However, individuals should rest assured that their wishes will be respected regardless of another’s discomfort. An attorney can assist individuals in composing legally binding Colorado estate documents.

Assistance Understanding Colorado’s New Human Compost Laws

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