Questions to Ask a Colorado Estate Planning Attorney During a First Meeting

It is laudable when people start to make estate planning decisions. However, meeting with a Colorado estate planning attorney for the first time can often be an overwhelming experience. Estate planning attorneys are highly-focused in the field, ready to make sure an individual’s assets are prudently managed and ensuring an individual’s loved ones receive inheritances without issue. Below are common questions that will help individuals evaluate various estate planning attorneys and determine if a prospective estate planning attorney is right for them.

Is Estate Planning Your Primary Focus?

Individuals should only consider estate planning attorneys who answer “yes” to this question. Many attorneys may practice multiple areas of the law, but estate planning is a special legal endeavor. An estate planning attorney will know all of the legal statutes surrounding estate planning and stay updated on any changes to Colorado estate planning law. They will also have the strategic knowledge to effectively draft your planning documents.

How Long Have You Been Practicing?

It is critical to find the most experienced attorney possible, because they will have the most knowledge about preparing effective estate plans. These attorneys will have faced legal challenges from the courts and will be prepared to overcome any obstacles that come their way. Although they are often experienced enough to avoid estate planning complications, it is better to be ready for any unforeseen complications.

Can You Help Me Create a Comprehensive Estate Plan, Including Wills, Trusts, and Life Insurance?

Certain estate planning attorneys solely focus on one aspect of the estate planning process, like drafting wills or life insurance. However, most families will want a comprehensive estate plan, including wills, trusts, and life insurance plans. These people should look for an estate planning attorney knowledgeable in all of these areas so they can guide their clients through the nuances of the process and determine the estate planning tools that are right for them.

Do You Execute the Estate Plan, Too?

While various lawyers draft estate-planning documents, others will also execute the associated trusts and estate plans. There are inherent benefits to both sides: certain people prefer to have the same attorney draft and execute the estate plan, but others prefer to have a trusted relative be the executor. While it is traditionally more effective to have an estate planning attorney draft and execute the estate plan, individuals should debate what is best for them and evaluate attorneys on this basis.

Do You Periodically Review Estate Plans?

In addition to drafting estate planning documents, some estate planning attorneys will annually review the documents. When new laws that affect estate planning are passed, these attorneys will also notify clients about any relevant changes to their plan. Periodic updates are also crucially important for individuals who experience a life change or dramatic change in their finances.

These are many critical questions individuals should ask when meeting an estate planning attorney for the first time, and we welcome you to ask us these questions – and more – if you are considering the Braverman Law Group.

Contact an Experienced Estate Planning Attorney

If you or a loved one is interested in creating a Colorado estate plan, contact the dedicated attorneys at the Braverman Law Group. With years of experience handling a diverse array of estate planning needs, our attorneys are ready to answer your questions and create an estate plan that is right for you. To learn more and schedule a free consultation, call us today at 303-800-1588.

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